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Here is a PDF with links to demo songs. Please click on the picture to open the PDF. Then simply click on the track names to play the music.




Martin Lingnau composes musicals, filmscores and popsongs. Born 1971, he is the most successful composer of musical theatre of his generation in Germany with an audience of over 5 million attending his productions. Residing in Hamburg, Lingnau is a direct descendent of the poet Hoffman von Fallersleben.
He completed his Kontaktstudiengang for pop music at the Academy of music and drama in Hamburg, participated in diverse master classes conducted by Alan Menken, James Lapine, Stephen Schwartz and others and has won diverse composition competitions.

Until now Martin has composed 12 musicals which are being performed all over German speaking Europe, for example “Der Schuh des Manitu”, “Swinging St. Pauli”, “Das Orangenmädchen”, “Villa Sonnenschein”, “Heisse Ecke” and “Die 13 1/2 Leben des Käpt´n Blaubär”. They have been decorated with prizes like the Live Entertainment Award and the World Event Award. In march 2011 the 1.000.000. visitor attended his musical “Heisse Ecke”, which had it´s 2000th performance in may 2011.

He composed and produced over 30 cds with his music. Also he created the music for international events like “Hamburg On Ice” or the Opening Ceremony of the Ski WM “GAP 2011”, which was internationally broadcasted live. Martin also wrote the music of diverse tv-series and movies. His latest work, the Buena Vista production “Serengeti”, opened at movie theatres in February 2011 and was immediately rated “outstanding valuable” by the FBW.





Wahnsinn, UA 2018, Theater am Marientor Duisburg
Equila, UA 2017, Showpalast München

Doctor Faustus’ Magical Circus Part II, (UA 2016), Landesbühne Esslingen
Cindy Reller, UA 2016, Schmidt Theater, Hamburg
Der kleine Störtebeker, UA 2014, Schmidt Theater, Hamburg
Das Wunder von Bern, UA 2014, Theater an der Elbe, Hamburg
Die Königs vom Kiez, 2013, Schmidt Theater, Hamburg
Es war einmal, UA 2012, Schmidt Theater, Hamburg
Der Räuber Hotzenplotz, UA 2011, Schmidt Theater, Hamburg
Droomvlucht, UA 2011, Efteling
Der Schuh des Manitu, UA 2008 Theater des Westens, Berlin
Die 13 1/2 Leben des Käpt’n Blaubär, UA 2006 Musicalpalast, Köln
Villa Sonnenschein, UA 2005 Schmidt Theater, Hamburg
Das Orangenmädchen, UA 2004, Trier
Pension Schmidt, UA 1999-2003 Schmidt Theater, Hamburg
Heiße Ecke, UA 2003 Schmidt’s TIVOLI, Hamburg
Swinging St. Pauli, UA 2001 Schmidt´s TIVOLI, Hamburg
Ein Sommernachtstraum, UA 1997 Schmidt´s TIVOLI, Hamburg
Lands End, UA 1994 Schmidt Theater, Hamburg
Ladyboys, Schmidt´s TIVOLI, Hamburg
Nichts gegen Sylvester, UA 1993 Schloßtheater Celle


Composer Martin Lingnau wraps these witty lyrics in music from the 1950s- a bubbling mixture of Rock´n Roll and marching music, of American and German musical styles. (…) “The Miracle of Bern” is, indeed, a miracle. That´s the way to do musical theatre. Exactly like that.

Michael Defrancesco – Rhein-Zeitung


Draussen in meinem Kopf (Junafilm, 2018) / Luis and the Aliens (Ulysses Film, 2018) / Charité (ARD 2017) / Mother Cheetah – National Geographic USA, (Arte, NDR 2012) / Nockherberg 2012 – Musical Supervisor (BR 2012) / Fairycakes – original music for the trailer of the upcoming CGI TV series (Ulysses Film 2011) / Nockherberg 2011 – Musical Supervisor (BR 2011) / GAP 2011 – Original score for the opening ceremony which was broadcast live in 19 countries (ARD 2011) / Serengeti / Original Score (Buena Vista, Intervista, Universum Film, NDR Natur 2010) / Der Krokodilfluss – Original Score (ARTE, ARD 2010) / Hand aufs Herz – original score and musical supervision (Sat1 2010-2011) / Kiss yourself rich – original score (Sat 1 2010) / Serengeti Teaser Original Score (Intervista, Universum Film, NDR Natur 2010) / Nockherberg 2010 – original score, Co-direction and musical supervisor (Bayern 3 2010) / Manipulation – Original Score (Independent Movie USA 2009) / Volles Haus – original score for the tv series (Pro7 2008) / Sophie, Braut wider Willen – original score for the tv series (ARD 2005-2006) / Schmidt TV Show – musical supervisor (N3 1995-2003) / Mumfies Abenteuer – musical supervisor of the german adaptation (ZDF 1999)



Porsche Reveal (Südafrika, 2017) / BMW Festival 2016 (München) / Original music for the biggest ship christening in history for AIDAmar in Hamburg 2012 / Original score for the opening ceremony of the SKI world championship GAP 2011 / Music for the christening of the AIDAblu with Jette Joop / Original music for the tv event NOCKHERBERG 2010 / Music for the christening of AIDAaura (World Event Award, 2nd prize) with Heidi Klum / Music of the AROSA-hymn “Following my heart” sung by Jane Comerford / Music for the re-opening of the Hamburg Planetarium / Original music for the event “Hamburg on ice” / Original music for the press event “Aida Sphinx” in the Luxor temple, Egypt / Music for Mercedes Benz on the IAA / Original music for the event “75 years Sea Cloud” / Original music for the christening of AIDAluna incl. “La Luna Magica” (lyrics Beatrice Reszat) with Barbara Schoeneberger in Palma de Mallorca


The highly emotional music of Martin Lingnau never pushes itself into the foreground, but carries the story with great subtlety and atmospheric nuance—and after the funny moments in the show, it always finds its way back to its inner tranquility.

Rosemarie Frühauf – Epochtimes


Equila (Original Soundtrack 2017) / Charité (Original Soundtrack 2017) / Das Wunder von Bern (Originalcast CD 2015) / Annett Louisan – Zu viel Information – live (cd 2014) / Die Königs vom Kiez (Originalcast cd 2014) / Mirja Boes – Das Leben ist kein Ponyschlecken (cd 2014) / Mary Roos – Denk, was Du willst (cd 2013) / Es war einmal (Originalcast cd 2012) / Der Räuber Hotzenplotz (Originalcast cd 2011) / Droomvlucht (Originalcast cd 2011) / Maite Kelly – Das volle Programm (cd 2011) / Frank Ramond – Ganz Klar (cd 2011) / Serengeti (Original Soundtrack 2010) / Dreams (Hand aufs Herz Cast 2010) / Best of Musical 2010 (cd 2009) / Das Orangenmädchen (Cast cd 2009) / Frank Ramond – Große Jungs (cd 2009) / Karamba (Originalcast cd 2009) / Der Schuh des Manitu (Originalcast cd 2009) / Die 13 1/2 Leben des Käptn Blaubär (Originalcast cd 2006) / Legend – Sea Cloud Hymn (cd 2006) / Atlantis (cd 2005) / Villa Sonnenschein (Originalcast cd 2005) / Big Time (cd 2005) / Arosa Song (cd 2004) / Book Of Secrets (Originalcast cd 2003) / Aida Kids Club (cd 2003) / Heisse Ecke (Originalcast cd 2003) / Karl Dall singt Albers (cd 2002) / Arosa Hymne Following my heart (cd 2002) / One World (Originalcast cd 2001) / Swinging St. Pauli (Originalcast cd 2001) / Hamburg Hymne (cd 2001) / Pension Schmidt vol. 2 (Originalcast cd 2000) / Four Elements (Originalcast cd 2000) / Pension Schmidt Vol. 1 (OriginalCast cd 1999) / Sixty Sixty (Originalcast cd 1999) / Ein Sommernachtstraum (Originalcast cd 1998) / Oscar, die abgedrehte Kinorevue (OriginalCast cd 1996) / Eddie Koala & Mathilde Maulwurf (Kindermusical cd 1995) / Fifty Fifty (Originalcast cd 1994) / Lands End (Originalcast cd 1994)







Once again, Martin Lingnau´s compositions are remarkably creative.

Die Welt


Die schöne Fremde (Klaus Pohl) / Mütter und Söhne (Xavier Tomero) / The life of Galilei (Bert Brecht) / Peter Squenz (Gryphius) / Oedipus (Sophokles) / Amphytrion (Heinrich Kleist) / Fischfrass (April de Angelis) / scissor-type knife (Paul Pörtner) / The secret of Irma Vep (Charles Ludlam) / Eleven friends (Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin) / A better man (Walter Hasenclever) / Elling (Ingvar Ambiornson) / Who´s afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Edward Albee) / Conversaciones con Mama (Jordi Galceran) / Referee Fertig (Thomas Brussig) /  12 angry men (Reginald Rose) / Peter Pan (James M. Barry) / The Snowqueen (Andersen)


Nayeli (Lingnau/Sueberkrueb/Wohlgemuth) / Utopia (Lingnau/Sueberkrueb/Kospach) / Bellagio (Lingnau/Sueberkrueb/Ramond) / Kauri (Lingnau/Sueberkrueb/Reszat) / Divaria (Lingnau/Sueberkrueb/Reszat) / Fata Morgana (Lingnau/Sueberkrueb/Reszat) / Sezono (Lingnau/Sueberkrueb/Freudenschuss) / Avalon (Lingnau/Sueberkrueb/Reszat) / Kaleido (Lingnau/Parniewski/Jeske/Freudenschuss) / Atlantis (Lingnau/Parniewski/Freudenschuss) / Book of Secrets (Lingnau/Zentner) / One World (Lingnau/Jeske) / Four Elements (Lingnau/Parniewski)


Fifty Fifty (Schmidt´s TIVOLI, Hamburg) / Le Cirque Offenbach (Schmidt Theater, Hamburg) / Sixty Sixty (Schmidt´s TIVOLI, Hamburg) / Ahoi (Schmidt Theater, Hamburg) / Karamba (Schmidt Theater, Hamburg) / Volles Programm (Schmidt Theater, Hamburg)


A week full of saturdays (Domfestspiele Bad Gandersheim) / Piaf – A life in music (Schmidt Theater, Hamburg) / Black Rider (Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe) / Cabaret (Schmidt´s TIVOLI, Hamburg) / An evening with Marlene Dietrich (Schmidt Theater, Hamburg) / The white horse inn (Schmidt´s TIVOLI, Hamburg)



Amy Powers

This link leads to Amy Powers, an Emmy- and Annie-nominated lyricist based in Los Angeles. We´re currently working on something that could be quite something.

Frank Ramond

This link will lead you to one of the most successful german lyricists. We have already written the songs for 3 albums yet.

Oliver Kalkofe

Oliver Kalkofe is a famous writer, actor, comedian, journalist and a film freak. By the way – a very nice guy. We both wrote a comedy play together in 2011.


Annic Barbara Fenske

Here you go to the official website of Annic Barbara Fenske, a wonderful actress, singer and screenwriter. And by the way – my wife.

Wolfgang Adenberg

Here you will find the homepage of Wolfgang Adenberg.

Alex Pfeffer

This guy knows everything about the Bigger Bang and is a very nice chap.


Annett Lousian

Annett is a german pop chanson singer, very successful for a decade now.

Doug Besterman

Well, here you´ll find the official website of Doug Besterman. I had the honor and the pleasure that he orchestrated my music for “the shoe of manitu”. And by the way – what a nice guy!

Stefan Endrigkeit

This is the german website of Stefan Endrigkeit a good friend and long time musical collaborator


Maite Kelly

This is the german website of Maite Kelly, a former member of the band “Kelly Family”, which sold millions of copies a few years ago. Now lyricist and good friend Frank Ramond and I had the pleasure to write and produce her first solo-album called “Das volle Programm”.

Heiko Wohlgemuth

This is the german website of my friend and lyricist Heiko Wohlgemuth.



Schmidts Tivoli

This is the website of the SCHMIDT´S TIVOLI theatre, where I started my career and still there are a some of my works to be seen.

Martin Lingnau bei Facebook

Here´s the link to my Facebook account.

Martin Lingnau bei SoundOfMusic

Here you can find some of my works at SoundOfMusic.

Whale Songs

Some of my musicals are published here.


Ingmar Sueberkrueb and I founded a composers club. Here you can find some music and videos.


Peermusic and I own a publishing edition together. Marlin Songs.


This is the home of my new publishing edition Chateau de Moncleu.


My friend Brendan Shelper and his crew have become longtime collaborators.


Michael Hildebrandt and me have just founded a creative agency.


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